Christian Life Coaching

To simplify the idea, coaching is working “inside-out” to help people move forward in their lives. Coaches use powerful questions and tools to help people gain clarity and find their own answers. We create space for vulnerability and structure that helps out and create the future that they are being called to fulfill.

Now, with Christian life coaching, we take this a step further, helping others to unlock the power of God in their lives to resolve life challenges and create amazing results.

Sessions would run anywhere from 45 min to ~ 1 hour session once a week.

Here are some examples:

–help people define and explore their unique relationship with God and His purpose for them

–practically apply their faith and trust in God in everyday situations

–coach clients in times of crisis, transition, change

–helping clients deepen their intimacy with God and learn to listen to His voice

–etc etc any area of life that needs to be moved forward can be utilized!!!

In the end, a Christian Coach is pretty much listening to whatever is happening in the client’s life and together, with the Holy Spirit, finding God’s solution to move forward, one step at a time.

The coach will be doing a lot of listening, keeping the client accountable, as well as praying.

Interested?? Don’t hesitate to reach me at my email:

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