Voice Demons

Voice Demons at the Gas Station

The Bible says not to be ignorant of the Devil’s devices.

Voice demons are pretty common today, and they often enjoy destroying people’s lives (Mainly by setting the traps and then watching people destroy themselves)

How do they work?

I’ll illustrate with an example.

Say you’re at the gas station, outside of your car pumping some gas.

Suddenly, someone pulls up behind you and honks at you.

This irritates you a little bit.

Then, an old man is walking in front of you, he is currently on his cell phone.

You can’t help but overhear his conversation even though you try not to, and something about his voice just pisses you off.

After you finish pumping gas,

You drive back home.

When you walk in, your roommate asks you,

“Hey why the long face?”

Your face just happened to break out with acne earlier in the week so obviously the roommate is insulting you.

You guys break out into a shouting match, trading insults back and forth.

etc etc


Were these people purposely trying to piss you off?


But in most cases, it’s often not.

What happens is demonic spirits will USE these people, and accentuate and emphasize certain words and gestures,

As if they were custom made against you.

They also just straight up LIE:

This is an extremely common tactic Satan uses in his playbook.

How do you win against this?

Reliance on (and only) God thru Prayer.

They will vanish right before your eyes 


Voice Demons II: Mac and Cheese

A man and his parents walk into Panera to have lunch.

He notices its crowded.

His mother sits down while the man and his father orders food at the Kiosk.

The man, hears something in his peripheral awareness:

“Mac and Cheese!”

“Mac and Cheese!”

“Mac and Cheese!”
The man notices that there’s a family with their children, and they were happily chanting “mac and cheese.” This wasn’t a big deal to the man, just something he noticed from his subconscious periphery for a quick second.

Anyway, the son and father later grab the food.

As the father is passing the food around,

The mother is disappointed bc the father ordered the wrong thing.

Whenever they go to panera, the mother always orders a salad.

“What is this? I ordered a salad,” the father said

“Not Mac and Cheese.”

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