Satan’s Reptilian NWO Takeover Plan III

Satanic / Occult groups are intimately linked to the intelligence networks and they operate at a global scale (hence the involvement with Black Markets), leading to organized crime.

A lot of western intelligence agencies will also use these Satanists to do side work, and its been this way for a long time. (Hence all the mind-control and MK-Ultra stuff)

“Law enforcement” are co-opted by these groups to cover up crimes and murders by these satanic groups.

These Satanic groups are also responsible for the promotion of most of the degrading and extreme porn we see today. They actually take pride in doing this, doing this on purpose to degrade society.

In another example,

In the Satanic Kingdom, Power is gained when they would compromise very powerful political figures through sexual operatives by intelligence agencies. (This shouldn’t be a surprise, as we see cases such Savile, Epstein, etc.)

This is all part of their little “ritual” to gain power. Very sick and twisted

If you listen to the global elites (Bill Gates, Charles Schwab) and compare them to Satanists, their agenda is one in the same;

Dumbing down,
De-humanizing, and
Degrading societyIn the end,

It doesn’t actually matter if Elites like Bill Gates are actual Satanists or not,

The point is,

That these elites, at the very minimum, are puppets doing Satan’s bidding.

The main reason people don’t know what’s going on is because they’re too focused on the 3D plane; (the level of politics, the level of Fauci, etc etc)

Which is all true,

But to gain a deeper understanding of what’s actually going on, you need to look at it from a higher plane, which tells you this is a conscious, willed and evil plan.
Then it all begins to make sense 

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