Putin wants an Empire. Globalists want a World Empire

Whoever is the president of the US is a globalist crook and a traitor to the US and a democratic fraud, having never received one vote. And he or she, being the chief of the armed forces, engineered the Afghanistan disaster to tempt Putin into Ukraine. Afghanistan was an open invitation to Putin.

It was basically the globalists telling him:

We have succeeded in neutralizing the US and UK military power. You are free to do whatever you want

Putin does not want WW3. He wants an empire. Whereas the globalists want a world empire and they need WW3 to expedite that goal..

The big danger here is WW3. We should do everything possible to avoid it. And the way to do that is to show Putin who he is dealing with and to undo the pathetic optical moral and tactical display we put up in Afghanistan.

It will be a fine line, to attempt to show Putin we mean business, without triggering WW3. But if we lose Ukraine WW3 is almost a certainty. Whereas if we win Ukraine WW3 is dead.

Build Back Betterā„¢

The globalists have infiltrated the five eyes governments (the UK, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) sufficiently to engineer the catastrophe of Afghanistan which was the invitation to Putin to invade Ukraine. Sufficiently to engineer absurdly repressive and totally counterproductive lockdowns and mask and vaccine mandates.

Their next play is to trigger WW3.

The trigger will be a false flag in the UK and a false flag in the US in March (if I am not mistaken).
So the purpose of this trigger is to start WW3. The purpose of WW3 is to enable the global reset.

The destruction of WW3 is the foundation from which the globalists want to build back better.

I mean you have to knock down first before you can build back better.

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