Why we’re not in Tribulation yet

What we are seeing now are precursors, not the real Tribulation;

–There has been no peace covenant made (which happens at the beginning of the 7-years)

–There’s no 3rd temple built up

–The White horse conquering hasn’t been revealed yet

–There’s no “war” yet (this will probably change soon though)

–Daniels prophecy is 70 weeks, but only 69 have been completed, hence 1 week or 7 years left –Rev 5:14; the “elders” in Heaven are the church who’ve been raptured

–There’s no mention of the church going through ANY type of wrath within the 7-year tribulation. The only group mentioned going through tribulation is the Jews/Tribulation Saints.

–The church isn’t appointed for any wrath. The appointment is for the nation of Israel since they rejected Jesus.

–Matthew 24, Luke 21, Rev 6 applies to Israel, not the church

–The church is the restrainer of evil, so once the church is raptured THEN the tribulation starts

–The very act of putting the Church in the time of Jacob’s trouble, where Israel should be, is of itself Replacement Theology.

BTW, whats been happening now is nothing. The tribulation will be MUCH worse than this. This will be like sitting in a picnic compared to what’s to come.

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