Parts of Richard Bruce’s Testimony I could relate to

–Weird vehicle harassment (which included both ground and air)
–Vehicles following us
–We both have no criminal record (before and after)
–Complete nobodies
–Friends and family completely “shut down” the instant you mention any of this stuff
–Some kind of advanced technology that involves zapping the memory is involved
–Some kind of advanced technology involving holograms is involved
–One of their goals is to discredit you (drive you crazy)
–If you talk with us, and ask challenging questions, we can answer them pretty easily. But it’s weird, nobody really asks, but when they do, Satan will try to use it to discredit you
–We both understand that this stuff sounds crazy to people
–We really don’t know everything that’s happening.
–We do acknowledge all this stuff has Satanic origins
–The Mind Control programming has both Spiritual and Eletronic components
–We both acknowledge the existence of demonic entities that in-dwell humans (different from shape-shifting reptoids)
–There are multi-layered narratives, scapegoating and distortions happening
–We both conclude that reality is actually darker than we perceive and society would lose it if they found out what was actually going on

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