Bipedal Reptilian Lizard Man Paradigm in Gangstalking

It’s pretty rare to find testimonials by legit targeted individuals (a lot are fake to discredit TIs)

Here’s one by someone from California named Richard Bruce (he also happens to be Christian)

I can relate (by my own experience), a lot of what he’s saying is legit (particularly the weird targeting stuff)

Richard does mention different classes of Demons;

1) Demonic / Spiritual entities (the ones I focus on)
2) Humanoid / Shape-shifting Reptoid/Insectoid (I have very little knowledge on this stuff)

I can’t fully verify the Reptilian/Lizard/Insect stuff lol, however,

Richard Bruce’s main points:

–These Lizard people are very powerful and much smarter than humans
–These Lizard people control/influence the police
–These Lizard people don’t want to be exposed or be known to the masses
–These Lizard people will get others to gangstalk you to get you paranoid/discredit you (make the victim look crazy)
–These Lizard people do something similar to the Men in Black Pen thing where you forget everything that happened

I believe he’s onto something, as all this can’t be coincidence.

I’m thinking it’s virtually impossible to fully understand since Satan is pretty good at cover and deception of the masses, never mind much smarter. (Similar to fully understanding God with our limited human brains)

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