Film Review- Before the Wrath: Why a Rapture must Happen (2020)

Aight, I just finished watching this film.

Here’s what’s unique about a Galilean Wedding in the middle east:

–The Bridegroom and Bride make a covenant to get married. They then separate for >1 year. Not able to see each other until the wedding date. They are to stay pure during this time

–Nobody knows the day or hour of the wedding date. Nobody except the FATHER of the Bridegroom. This matches with scripture “nobody knows the day or hour except God the father”

–This means that the Galilean Bridegroom and Bride are literally waiting and waiting in anticipation until the FATHER of the Bridegroom “gives the okay”

–Once the FATHER gives the okay, The FATHER and Bridegroom literally leave in the middle of the night to meet the bride + brides woman (That is, the ones who are ready)

–The Bridegroom would walk over to the Bride and have her sit on a type of CHAIR. She would then be LIFTED UP and carried away to the WEDDING. (This represents the CHURCH being caught up in the air during the RAPTURE)

–Everyone who was awake and watching get to enter into the WEDDING. Galilean Weddings lasts 7 days and 7 nights (Consistent with 7-year tribulation).

–However, once the wedding starts, the DOOR is SLAMMED SHUT, and everyone who was SLEEPING get locked out, unable to attend the wedding (WRATH)

And like the Galilean Wedding,

JESUS = Bridegroom
Church = Bride

I thought this illustration was the best part of the film. I also liked some of the theological discussions as well as the cinematography and presentation.

What I didn’t like

Being an extremely technical 

KJV theology-buff, I noticed that some of the bible passages weren’t rightly divided between the Church (1 Thess 5:16-17) and the Tribulation-Saints Jews (Matthew 24/25). This really irritated me as the Rapture of the Church was conflated at times with the 2nd-Coming/Advent. 


I’d give the movie about 7/10.

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