Prophetic Significance; Russian Takeover of Ukraine (2/24/22)

Prophetic Significance; Russian Takeover of Ukraine (2/24/22);

1- Remember Ezekiel 38/39 will most likely not occur in Church Age. Though the precursors are being set now

Ezekiel 38 aligns with Rev 20 (End of Millenium)
Ezekiel 39 aligns with Rev 19 (Near the Armaggeddon)

2- It Emboldens the Enemies of Israel- ex: Iranian proxies, Hezbollah. The lack of military response from USA and NATO is noted.

3- Because of the lack of military intervention, Israel knows they can’t count on USA/NATO (Starting to see the Israel vs Everyone Precursor)

This conflict goes much deeper than the surface-level “territorial” narratives set

According to sources in Ukraine, this is Russia’s plan:

Kiev is expected to be surrounded by morning. No electricity, no extra food.

The Russians will arrest members of parliament

Will bring pro-Russian Viktor Yanukovych (ousted in 2014) to run the country ‘Until the Election’

Russia’s demands Ukraine to recognize the annexation of the Crimean peninsula, recognition of the independence of the separatist provinces, full demilitarization, abolished the recognition of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (for the Russians, only theirs is legitimate).

According to the Russian plans Kiev is expected to fall by tomorrow (2/25/22)

Meanwhile, China is taking advantage of Russia’s situation and has been infiltrating Taiwan with 9 fighter jets since the morning hours.

Statements in China that Taiwan is an integral part of China began last night

Then we have statements from Israel (they are afraid of taking sides at this time)

Israel’s prime minister Bennet:

“The world is much less stable and our region is also changing day by day. War between armies is unfortunately not a thing of the past. The State of Israel is an anchor of stability and hope. I appeal to Israeli citizens who did not leave Ukraine – leave now. Save your lives. Our people are waiting to receive you in the West The State “

As expected like clockwork, US and NATO will be watching from the sidelines while Ukraine gets gangstalked by Russia. Putin most definitely knew this would be the response. Zelensky is in danger

I’m sure talks of China/Taiwan will shortly follow

All this sitting and watching is a foreshadow of Israel as well; nobody will be coming to her aideThe Road to Damascus (Isaiah 17:1)


he burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap. Isaiah 17:1

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