Project Maven: Skynet Anti-Christ Killer Robots

Quote Originally Posted by OnlyLurking 

he said, at the time of the interview, that such implants could be developed within 10 years.

A lot of what’s coming is already here as well.

Look up Project Maven, which is basically Skynet/ Killer AI robots designed for the military that is already HERE.

What this does is it will allow military fighting without people being involved;

Micro-aerial vehicles, robotic insects flying around, robotic jellyfish swimming in the ocean, etc.

DARPA for years have been developing “neuromorphic chips” aka BRAIN chips that mimic the human cortex. These chips will allow robots to learn and do stuff; backflips, dance, push ups…

But also military stuff like use power tools, drive a jeep while shooting guns, etc.

All this really does sound like a movie (Terminator),

But knowledge/technology is exponentially increasing and you’ll see many applications:

AI appointments-Calling humans (+interacting) people to make an appointment
AI judges; doing cases like judges. predict disasters. prevent suicides.
AI dating– AIs running the dating apps. Doing the selection process of getting people together.
Other tasks: driving cars, performing surgery, lightning fast communicationAI will also play into people worshipping the IMAGE of the beast:

3D hologram technology + AI; can create any image of anyone at any age. It’s very realistic:

I talked about this hologram in this post:

Who is the False Prophet (Revelation 4:8)

He appears like a harmless, religious leader but he literally speaks for the @

Devil (aka Satan aka the Anti-Christ)This leader is somebody that will help the world orchestrate worshipping the Anti-Christ.But, it will be a world-wide religious figure that will lend his credibility to the Anti-Christ and cause the world to worship him.The false prophet will deceive by convincing the world the Anti-Christ was 

killed and resurrected.

The false prophet will also use some kind of image to represent the Anti-Christ. And if people don’t worship this image, they will be put to death.

How will the false prophet do this?

We don’t know,

He may perhaps take advantage of hologram technology to do this on a mass scale.

And finally,

The False Prophet will force the world to receive the mark of the beast (the beast being the @Devil) to buy or sell

But this global matrix system will allow the Anti-Christ to rule on a global basis

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