City on a Hill

 If you’re looking for political correctness, don’t read this.

What has happened to America?

In the midst of its blessings, the nation turned from God,

The God of its foundation they estranged themselves from Him,

At first it was a drift,

Then a departure,
Then a war against His ways,The people drove Him out,

Out of their hearts,
Out of their governments,
Out of their ways of lives,
Out of their educations,
Out of their children,
Out of their culture,And as America drove Him out they opened up a vacuum,

And into that vacuum came a flood of other gods,

The gods, of

–Sexual immortality, Perversity and

They became their own gods.
They over-turned His commandments.
They disregarded His ways.
They redefined truth.
They created their own reality.

What was evil, they now called good and
What was good, they now called evil.

That which they once revered, they now reviled

What was once knew to be wrong, they now celebrated

They profaned the sacred and they sanctified the profane,

It was here (America / Washington) that their collective murder was blessed and given sanction,

But a thousand laws, and

A thousand supreme court rulings, and

A thousand angels swearing on

A thousand bibles cannot alter,

This BASIC measure of morality;

To shed the blood of an unborn baby is to murder a human life, and

The most innocent of human lives,

The people of ancient Israel lifted up,

A thousand of their children on the altars of Baal, and in doing so they invoked their own destruction.

But we,

Have lifted up MILLIONS and our collective hands are covered with blood.

And what does that invoke?

60,000,000 Americans have been murdered

And instead of weeping over that fact we STILL go farther,

It was less than two years ago,

The nation’s abortion capital,

New York,

That gruesome law was passed to push the boundaries even further,

To murder the unborn child to the POINT OF BIRTH,

and when they passed that bloody law,

They cheered,

And they lit up the tower at ground zero in the color pink,

In celebration.

The city on the hill has grown dark,

Its light has dimmed and is in danger of going out,

It is now overtaken by a plague that has left it shaken,

A lockdown that has battered its economy and paralyzed the daily lives of many,

And the sword of disorder and violence,

That has set it on edge and divided it in two,

It is America that has declared war against its own foundation,

A nation whose founders would not recognize,

An America in which the statue,

Of one of its founders,

Its first president, after which its city is named,

Is PULLED OFF its pedestal,

Wrapped in an American flag and set on FIRE

And yet it was that same first president

Who on the first day of his presidency,

Gave the nation a prophetic warning ,

He said this,

“The propitious smiles of heaven can never be expected on a nation,
that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which heaven itself has ordained.”

In other words,

If America should ever disregard God’s eternal rules of order and right,

Then the smiles of Heaven his blessings will be removed from this land,

And now we have disregarded those eternal rules of order,

We war against the order and the nature,

Of man and woman,
Of gender,
Of marriage,
Of life,

And we now watch,

As the smiles of heaven are being removed from the land

We indoctrinate our children against the ways of God,

We perform surgery on their bodies to alter their very nature,

Are we not doing what the scriptures warned us never to do?

To cause these little ones to stumble?

And will not the smiles of heaven be removed from the land?

We watch,

As the American flag, lies burning in our streets while another flag of the rainbow is lifted up celebrated as an emblem of pride

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