Four-Levels of Discernment

Level 1

You immediately believe what you see and hear, whether that is from people, news media, authority figures, etc

Level 2

You realize that there’s two sides to every story. You ask yourself the question,

“What AREN’T they telling me?

It’s realizing that there’s bias of competing interests to sell a particular narrative. It’s realizing that there are subtleties and nuances.

Level 3

You realize that reality is multi-layered; that’s there are overlapping realities all happening at the same time. This isn’t only about Right vs Wrong, Right vs but Almost Right.

Level 4

You are no longer hyper-focusing on facts, logic, theory, the stories etc… But you start to see forces beyond this realm (Good vs Evil)

Since we live in a kingdom ruled by Satan; You see his little puppet strings and demonic puppets / flying monkeys working behind the scenes

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