Technology from Hell: DNA frequency Resonators and Mind-Reading

We all talk to ourselves in our head.

As we talk, there’s a certain pattern for everything we say

With DNA frequency Technology,

Those patterns can be matched into a database.

If you think about the words we use,

There’s a small subset of words we use all the time.

And by looking at these patterns stored in the database,

It wouldn’t be difficult for a machine to read your mind.
Will the patterns be identical in every person? Probably not, though the information will be stored in slightly different places.

But it wouldn’t take long for you to train a machine to read your mind.

Now, that’s just the beginning,

They may be able to have algorithms sophisticated enough, with enough samples/data, that the AI could actually learn, over time, what the general rules are for different words, and you could apply it to anybody.

And without verbalizing anything, you could literally communicate with other people.

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