A Cornered Fox is more Dangerous than a Jackal II

The globalists have lost control.

The people are not buying the mandates. Average, non conspiracy theorists, are rising up in large numbers. They must be dealt with.

After reviewing the facts, it is apparent to me that the globalists are going to enact a

Long-term and a Short-term strategy.

The short-term strategy consists of assigning scapegoats to temporarily slow down and gas-light the rising consciousness of the people that are finally waking up in large numbers.

However, this would be only a temporary fix.

When the people recover from what is coming, they will rebound with a vengeance.

This will require a long-term strategy:

Knowing how these Satanic creatures think, whatever this “thing” turns out to be, will most likely be enacted all across the globe.

And again, potentially being so horrific and deadly, that “dissenters” will be afraid to speak against it.

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