Power Dynamics 101: The Law of Compromise

On the positive side, this moves prophecy forward towards

Israel vs Everyone 

Power Dynamics 101: The Law of Compromise

The implications of the US lifting sanctions on Iran;

This frees up “frozen funds” that allows Iran to make trades with the rest world.

There’s only one caveat.

US: “You have to pinky-swear you won’t spin your centrifuges and make nuclear weapons!!!”

Despite Iran’s constant aggression:

Having armed militia in IRAQ, attacking places like

–Saudi Arabia,
–UAE, and
–other states,

The US is assuming lifting the sanctions will have Iran,

“Play fair / nice.”

As we have been shown time and time again,

This mindset stems from a Spirit straight from Hell;

The Demonic Spirit of Jezebel

The Law of Compromise shows us that,

“The party that compromises is the weaker party,”

And like in Afghanistan,

America compromising here is a sign of weakness.

Iran will absolutely take advantage of this.
Russia and China will be taking notes. 

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