Russia/Ukraine and US involvement

Code Black, they are telling Americans in Ukraine to leave within the next 24-48 hours.

Depending on what sources you’re looking at, they say there could be some activity early next week.

Looking at how America responded apathetically in Afghanistan back in August (with thousands still stranded there btw),

I’m feeling the same kind of energy now so I can’t see Putin being threatened by America at all.

Quote Originally Posted by peteronfireee2 

Whatever the US (or the West) does, showing strength or weakness, will have a pivotal role in whether some kind of WW3 event takes place.

China is basically behind Russia in their invasion of Ukraine. (Xi Jinping has thrown his support behind Putin, not a surprise here)

China therefore is going to watch very closely in how the West responds.

If the West backs down from Putin’s invasion of Ukraine (especially the capital or the black sea coasts), it could give China a greenlight to invade Taiwan.

Actually, ALL the dictators and communists around the world are also closely watching how the West responds to Putin’s threats.

And how the West responds will influence our future relations with China, Iran, and North Korea:

We are on a precipice here about to cross… Which road we take will determine our future.

Red Pill, Blue Pill, Purple Pill?

In the end, however

According to Bible prophecy,Israel, as God has promised, WILL stand in the end,And any military might that tries to destroy Israel will be defeated.Thinking more about the stuff that’s going on in the US, it reminded me,

Sanity is rightly seen as healthy, conducive to personal happiness and success in life. But it does not always, or even usually, produce good leadership.

Good politicians don’t necessarily make great leaders, akin to doctors/physicians, while they are “academically smart”, aren’t always the best at handling patients (“street smart”).

Coaches weren’t always the best players. Players don’t always make the best coaches.

Sanity is linked to blindness. prevents realistic assessment and rational decision making. in the storm of crisis, complete sanity can steer us astray, while *some* insanity brings us to port.

For example,

Contrast the leadership styles of Churchill vs Chamberlain

Churchill- Until Munich was seen as unstable. depressed (which is linked to realism). a bit out of mainstream, a contrarian rebel but extremely wise during times of crisis.

Chamberlain- wanted to establish personal relations with ****** and rationally convince him of the need to avoid war. This is similar to the US situation where we are negotiating with the Taliban.

This was appeasement, the optimistic and misguided attempt to confront tyranny with logic. This is an incorrect approach, as I’ve mentioned.

You could say Chamberlain was a homoclite leader; that he or she is effective and successful in peacetime or prosperity, but fails during war or crisis.

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