The Drug-Addicted Christian vs Heretic Charismatic Christian

Once you are saved, you are sealed with the Holy Spirit.

While Demons aren’t able to possess your Spirit,

Demons can still possess your FLESH

Here are two types of Christians I’ve noticed, and remedies:

1. The first type of Christian is the Drug-Addicted Christian.

They are doctrinally sound, they are able to discern truth. They have a good foundation of the Word. However, their “vessel” is a bit empty.

In order to fill this void, if they are not careful, they will seek things to fulfill this flesh; alcohol, drugs, risky-behavior, etc.

The remedy for the drug-addicted Christian is to PRAY. Pray so the spirit fills this void.

2. The second type of Christian is the Heretic Charismatic Christian.

They are in the Spirit. They are charismatic. They are moved by feelings. They are usually musically talented and are well-liked / popular.

However, they are in danger of becoming stupid, as they never read their Bible, avoid things they don’t want to hear, and instead want to “be in the Spirit” over being obedient to truth. As I’ve shared, these types of Christians are prone to being deceived by these charismatic demons.

The remedy for the heretic Christian is to READ THE BIBLE. Don’t avoid truth.

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