Worshipping God Naturally vs. “Being Religious”

Worshipping God Naturally vs. “Being Religious”

When I hear the phrase,

“Being Religious,”or
“I’m not that religious,”

It makes me cringe.

Following God means incorporating Him into your Life;

Being Filled with the Holy Spirit and Living a Holy Life is supposed to be an every day and natural thing.

It’s kinda like Goku and Gohan, making their Super-Saiyan form an everyday thing:

It’s supposed to be no biggie.

Now Let’s bring it back to,

Worshipping vs “Being Religious”

When you worship someone (or something), you pay them divine honors.

In John 4:24, Jesus says,

“God isa spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.”Many seem to think that worship is something that happens when people “start acting religious:”

–singing hymns,
–taking offerings,
–reading scripture,

While these things are important, these things in of themselves aren’t what being a Christian actually is.

Being a Christian is a lifestyle, incorporating God into the center of our lives naturally (Worshipping).


A separate set of “religious rituals” that are supposed to be “performed” from time to time to be “religious.”

It’s not about simply lighting candles in the dark with a hoodie on

Isaiah 1:11-20 tells us that God isn’t impressed with a religious show.

The Pharisees were the most outwardly religious people of their day, but the Lord wasn’t the least bit impressed(Mt. 23).

Friend, God knows your heart (I Sam. 16:7; Jer. 17:10), and if your heart isn’t right with God, then your worship isn’t right with God.

It may seem unnatural in the beginning, but that’s because we treat our relationship with the Holy Spirit that way!!!

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