Why the COVID Vaccine Isn’t the Mark of the Beast (By: John Chandler)

Why the COVID Vaccine Isn’t the Mark of the Beast (By: John Chandler)

Why the Covid-19 Vaccine is not the Mark of the Beast:

  1. The Rapture has not yet happened.
  2. The Restrainer is not yet removed from His restraining role.
  3. 70th week of Daniel, i.e., the seven-year tribulation period, has not yet officially begun.
  4. The man of sin, the anti-Christ / aka the beast, has not yet officially appeared on the scene.

What I Believe Is Happening Right Now in Real-Time:

Our Most High God, the Lord Jesus, is very busy with a whole lot of stage-setting events. The Lord Jesus is at work, causing events to trend and progress toward fulfillment. He is gathering the elements and the players and coalescing them into the soon-to-come perfect last days’ storm.

Recall that we have learned: the shadow of the thing falls upon us and strikes us long before the thing that causes the shadow arrives on the scene. That shadow is now upon us, and its menace continually grows.

When we consider that we are seeing more and more events in our current day building that will see their total official fulfillment within that seven-year period of tribulation known as Daniel’s 70th week, then we know that the Mark thing is close, but not yet officially here.

People Are Being Conditioned for What Is Coming:

For the foreseeable future, deceptive forces in our world will continue to condition and manipulate us in multiple ways:

  • Psychologically
  • Intellectually
  • Emotionally
  • Socially
  • Physically
  • And Spiritually

Every day, we are hammered by the lies and deceptions that swirl around us. A good “global” citizen will comply. A good global citizen won’t question or push back against the authorities. A good citizen won’t hold a different opinion or idea than that of the authorities. A good citizen will believe and accept that his “benevolent leaders” have his best interest in mind.

It has become an endless stream of brainwashing and psychological warfare.

The people of the world are being hypnotized via mass psychosis. And if one forsakes, or abandons, or fails to remain anchored to the unfailing truth of God’s word, then you too will become increasingly drowsy. We’ve corporately and individually become like Igor capitulating to Count Dracula:

“Yesss, master, I must obey.”

Humankind is being corralled little by little. Like a herd of cattle, the people of the world are being driven and pushed to the point of being totally surrendered to the global elite, the power-brokers, and the evil disobedient, defiant, and rebellious supernatural powers that control these elite.

The people of the world, generally speaking, are willingly surrendering control of their lives, liberties, and freedoms to those global leaders and global organizations that tell us they know better how we should all live our lives. Wicked people with an evil agenda that are motivated, inspired, and energized by fallen supernatural powers are gladly taking the control that people are giving up. Their master requires it. And these wicked leaders are ready and willing to do so.

It’s classic Hegelian Dialectic:

They create the problem or crisis; they allow us to stew in it for a while. Then they tell us how bad and untenable the current situation is. They then point us to the pie-in-the-sky utopian desired condition, as they envision it. And finally, they tell us how we should follow their plan to achieve and arrive at utopia, as they say. They won’t let a crisis go to waste. Klaus Schwab, the publicly presented mastermind of this mass deception, tells us we have a limited window of fleeting opportunity to build back better.

“Come on, man! Get with it!”Like lemmings, we all excitedly shout out the refrain:

“Oh goody, I want to see the cliff, too!”It does not end well for humankind. It will go from bad to worse to totally catastrophic.

There Is Hope:

Those of us hidden in the Lord Jesus Christ have the promise from Him, because He is our Blessed Hope, that He will evacuate His church-age believers from this world in the Rapture long before the Mark thing that already casts its shadow upon us officially arrives. We will likely experience some rocky times while we wait. That shadow may strike us mighty hard.
But we ultimately are spared the Most High God’s wrath.

As I mentioned early, believers should not panic or become anxious. Our Lord Jesus is at work. In spite of all the ugly things we see happening in the world and maybe even experience, the Lord Jesus has everything fully in His hand and under His control. The pieces are all falling into place.

All that we see happening, to include the exponential increase of incredible wickedness, lawless leaders, the Great Reset, the Great Narrative, and the rise of godless pagan globalism, all serve the Most High God’s plan and purposes. The Lord Jesus is at work shaping, molding, fashioning, crafting events that will bring Him glory, honor, and praise. He is setting the stage. He is choreographing and orchestrating world events, circumstances, and environments that will ensure the maximum number of people will call upon His name before the Rapture and also call upon His name and trust Him during Daniel’s 70th week, i.e., the seven-year tribulation period.

Our Lord Jesus does not wish that any should perish but that all will come to repentance. Calling upon His name and trusting Him by faith now is smarter and preferred over doing this later.

Unfortunately, a large majority of people need a heavy hand of rebuke to incentivize them to call upon the Lord Jesus in faith. Here’s praying and hoping they do call upon Him before it’s too late. Maranatha!

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