Wars and Rumors of War

Whatever the US (or the West) does, showing strength or weakness, will have a pivotal role in whether some kind of WW3 event takes place.

China is basically behind Russia in their invasion of Ukraine. (Xi Jinping has thrown his support behind Putin, not a surprise here)

China therefore is going to watch very closely in how the West responds.

If the West backs down from Putin’s invasion of Ukraine (especially the capital or the black sea coasts), it could give China a greenlight to invade Taiwan.

Actually, ALL the dictators and communists around the world are also closely watching how the West responds to Putin’s threats.

And how the West responds will influence our future relations with China, Iran, and North Korea:

–China going after Taiwan
–North Korea going after South Korea
–Iran launching missiles against Israel,We are on a precipice here about to cross… Which road we take will determine our future.

Red Pill, Blue Pill, Purple Pill?

In the end, however

According to Bible prophecy,

Israel, as God has promised, WILL stand in the end,

And any military might that tries to destroy Israel will be defeated.

Quote Originally Posted by peteronfireee2 –Damascus

Mostly a ruin. Only a big strike away from becoming a ruinous heapGog and Magog Alliance

Precursors are being setup now. Just a matter of when they go ahead and attack Israel.–Wars and Rumors of War

Happening NOW. Middle East. UAE. Israel/Iran. Russia/Ukraine. China/Taiwan.

Irrelevancy of the USA.

USA not a big player in biblical prophecy. We can see the USA is declining as a super-power, weakening leadership from the inside out.

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