The Kingdom of God vs The Kingdom of Heaven

The Kingdom of God vs The Kingdom of Heaven

Quote Originally Posted by peteronfireee2 

In the world of instant gratification, most of us get disappointed when results aren’t immediately apparent.

But you have to view The Kingdom, like a starter batch, or “yeast” that is put into bread;

It starts small, but over time it activates the flour, which grows big like leavened bread.

It starts hidden, but over time it is revealed.

It’s a powerful non-stopping agent, permeating wherever you go.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the only one, don’t be discouraged, don’t give up.

One day you’ll see the kingdom come like never before.

To piggyback off this post I wrote in the summer,

I want to talk about,

The Kingdom of God vs The Kingdom of Heaven

This is a doctrine that gets confused by both believers and non-believers alike, for example, people saying

“We’re building the Kingdom of God on earth!!!” is doctrinally wrong.

Being crystal clear on the differences will help tremendously in dividing the word and making sense of seemingly “contradictory” verses throughout the Bible.

So, what is the difference?

To put simply,The Kingdom of God is Spiritual (Rom 14:17, Matt 6, Luke 17, John 3:5, 2 Cor 4, 1 Col 1:13, 1 Col 4),

 whileThe Kingdom of Heaven is Physical

 (Matt 11:12, Matt 3:2, Isa 40:3,4,5,9),

The Kingdom of God is essentially the IMAGE OF GOD

. It’s the Holy Spirit that resides WITHIN US through the SALVATION of Jesus.

Non-believers do not have the image of God within them because they’re not saved. It is only by being “REBORN” that one can have the Kingdom of God within them.

The Kingdom of Heaven, on the other hand, involves ruling, having dominion/power over the PHYSICAL


 realm; territories, buildings, cities, etc etc

In terms of DOCTRINE, you can sayThe Kingdom of God is for the CHRISTIANS

 (Bible verses involving being saved by grace through faith alone), andThe Kingdom of Heaven is for the JEWS

 (Bible verses involving “works salvation” “tribulation” “end times”)

Now let’s put this all together in a timeline

1. ADAM (KH+KG). Had both the Kingdom of heaven (KH) as well as Kingdom of God (KG). You can say that God allowed Adam to rule the earthly realm. Adam was also made in the image of God. (Genesis 1)

2. Fall of Adam (KH). Because of SIN, Adam LOSES his perfection. Therefore he loses KG but still has KH. (Genesis 5) (1 Cor 15:45-49)

3. Corruption of the earth (KH). Because of man’s corruption, the earth is therefore corrupt. God therefore wipes everything off the earth with a giant FLOOD. (Genesis 6)

4. Noah (KH). Could Noah and his inhabitants keep it going? No. They were corrupt as well. (Genesis 9) Thus we get,

5. The Tower of Babel (KH). The people choose evil and corruption over God. God has no choice but to scatter them and pass on his KH over to a NATION. (Genesis 11)

6. Abraham (KH). Abraham is the father of the Jews, the nation of ISRAEL. Israel is attacked by different enemies so Israel cries for help. God sends JUDGES to deliver them. After deliverance, Israel goes back to their evil ways. Enemies attack again. Israel repents. Repeat this cycle over and over. (Judges 2)

7. King Saul (KH). Israel rejects God so God sends Israel KINGS. King Saul ultimately fails. (1 Sam 8, 1 Sam 15:11)

8. King David (KH). King David’s line is the LAST LINE of Kings before God finally says “okay that’s enough” and ends with King CENIAH. (Israel also breaks up apart and doesn’t become a nation again until 1948, nearly 2000 years later) (1 Sam 16, Jer 22:30, Lam 5:15)

9. SATAN / Time of the Gentiles (KH). God has to give up his KH to Satan, who rules the earth and gains power.

Fast forward to the Roman Empire. During this time, Satan also gives (KH) power to all the “big shots” during this time; Tiberius, Caesar, the Roman Empire, etc… (Luke 3)

That is,

Until Jesus arrives.

10. Jesus the Messiah (KH + KG). Jesus arrives and offers the Jews KH. The Jews reject Jesus, therefore they still don’t get KH (Still with Satan). The Church (Christians) accept Jesus so they get to have KG. (Matt 4:17, Mark 1:15, John 19:15, Acts 1:6-7, Rom 14:17-18)So now,

From the beginning of Genesis til today (2/2/2022), this doctrine still applies.

At the end of Ages (Revelation 11),

Jesus will return,

And both the Kingdom of Heaven (KH) + the Kingdom of God (KG) will be restored on earth, just like it was in Genesis.

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