Revisiting James – Faith without Works “is Dead !!!” 

Revisiting James – Faith without Works “is Dead !!!” 

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I’ve studied the bible as a whole; I promise I’ve studied it better than you. There’s no “context” missing here. Paul says faith-alone saves; James says “As you can see, a man is justified by his deeds, and not by faith alone.” There’s no possible “context” that can make James say the exact opposite of what he says here.Putting everything into context and rightly dividing the Word,

The Book of James was written by James, Jesus’ disciple (Peter, JAMES, John), before Paul’s Epistles. (He’s writing to JEWS during the Apostle Peter’s ministry, or the EARLY CHURCH age. BEFORE Paul’s ministry. The Book of James is also relevant in the context of revelation, where Faith+Works is needed during the Tribulation.

As we know by dispensation, the Old Testament Jews were about FAITH + WORKS, so we can understand why James was going on and on about FAITH + WORKS. When Apostle Paul took over (after the stoning of Stephen), Paul was all about “Faith alone”, “Faith alone”, “Faith alone”

WHY then, was this Book included in the New Testament when it seemed to contradict Paul?

–Again, the Book of James still had application during Paul’s time; Christians cannot disciple / profit / reach out to other Christians without works. Fruits are needed to profit others. James is still a great “How To” Book for Christians (Although “Dead Works” is probably a better expression than “Dead faith.”). Christians, after being saved through faith (justification), are able to grow through works (sanctification).

–The Book of James has application for the future, (7-year tribulation). Tribulation Saints (Jews) will be saved via FAITH + WORKS.

— Remember, the main REASON Jews need WORKS for their salvation is because they rejected Jesus, their MessiahWhen you apply the context + divide the word, everything comes together.

If you don’t, and try to combine everything together, you run into contradictions everywhere.

There’s a reason we don’t sacrifice animals and burn chickens.

Summary of Salvation Plans



(Rev 12:17, Rev 14:12)**FYI, everything I post has been filtered through Bible-believing pastors, not exactly my own opinion**

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