Prayer is the Secret Weapon III: Answered Prayers

Do you feel a lack of power in your life?

Do you feel overtaken with certain areas of Life?

–Family issuesConsidering ramping up your Prayer Life!

In my first post I talked about fighting off demons by putting on the full armor of God but using prayer as your main weapon, as our armors wear away over time.

In my second post I talked about reframing a “no” from God as a positive

Here I’m going to share ways to get your prayers answered!!!

1. Ask for the Filling of the Spirit (Luke 11:13). The more of the Spirit, the better we can channel our communication with God.

2. Seek his Glory (Number 14:11-20). We can change God’s mind in certain matters, as long as our requests ultimately bring glory to God. Make sure that in whatever you are seeking, that ultimately He is magnified and lifted up.

3. Claim His Words (Numbers 14:11-20). God will never go against His own Words from the Bible. Quote scripture in your prayers and it will make your prayers much more powerful.

4. Pray frequently (1 Thess 5:17). Have a powerful prayer life. Look at it as if you’re communicating with your father. King David and Daniel prayed frequently (~3 times a day). Consider praying in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

5. Have Faith (Matthew 17:20). Believe in His power. Believe in your heart, regardless of what he says (“yes,” “no,” or “wait,”) that it’ll be for the best.

6. Fasting (Psalm 109:24). When we fast, we are crucifying the flesh, and going more into the Spirit, allowing the channel of communication to God to be much greater.

Remember prayer is putting God into action in handling areas of your life

If life feels overwhelming, consider ramping up your prayer life

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