Jesus’ Ministry Vs Paul’s Ministry

Jesus’ Ministry Vs Paul’s Ministry

Jesus’ Ministry Vs Paul’s Ministry

Anybody that has hatred towards Paul, or tells you to ignore Paul (Pauline Christianity) are


Satan has a way of confusing people.

There are 66 books in the Bible;

–39 Old Testament.
–27 New Testament.

Paul wrote 14 Books of the Bible, which means Paul wrote,

–21% of the entire Bible
–52% of the New Testament.

Yet there are people that want to take Paul out of the Bible.

So then, WHY is Paul included in the Bible?

Jesus’ ministry– Jesus was a Jew. He came for Jews. To fulfill the LAW of the Jews. Their salvation was based on WHO JESUS WAS to the Jews (Kingdom of Heaven)

Paul’s ministry- Jesus revealed the gospel to Paul (Galatians 1:12). Paul was to minister to GENTILES. Our salvation is based on WHAT JESUS DID on the cross (Kingdom of God


Again, this is why putting in the proper context and dividing the Word is so important.

This is why reading the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) *may* seem strange (a lot of wrath, enduring to the end, judgement, etc) – it’s because it was mainly about Jesus ministering primarily for the JEWS at the time.

The Book of Acts is a transitional book taking place during the Apostle Peter’s ministry, switching from JEW to GENTILE.

And in the book of Acts, since the Jewish nation, Israel, STILL rejected Jesus as Messiah, God’s focus switches from the JEWS to GENTILES (Book of Romans –> Philemon)


The Church Age Doctrine is under PAUL’S ministry, which is based on the Book of Romans –> Philemon.

Again, if you ever hear someone say,

“When you preach Paul you are down-grading Jesus!!!” 

And my response to that,

“1000x NOOOOOO!!!!!” 

When you rightly divide scripture and study WHY Paul is in the Bible, it actually


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