Ghost in the Shell: Satan wants to Dissociate you First

Ghost in the Shell: Satan wants to Dissociate you First

“A Shell of our former selves,” the saying goes.

We hear phrases like this all the time,

But do we understand its significance?

First, we need to understand the word dissociation and what it means to “dissociate.”

“To dissociate” means leaving or disconnecting ourselves (souls) from our physical bodies You can also see it as removing your attention (or conscious) away from yourself

As humans, we do this all the time as a matter of fact, often as a compensation mechanism,

Ex: Boredom being one of them. We dissociate with the pain boredom brings by:

–attaching to other thoughts,
–diving deep into our imagination,
–listening to music during a long road trip, etc.When heavy dissociation happens due to things like Trauma, we can actually see splitting of identities and personalities as a survival compensating mechanism:

“Shedding of the old, and taking on the new.”

You can also look at the dissociative power of something akin to looking at a spectrum:

On one hand, you have little distractions that can cause temporary, baseline dissociation,

–News stories
–Popular culture
etc etcThen on the higher end, you have things like chronic trauma (recall the Rapport and Gaslighting Post) that can cause a lot of damage and dissociation.

You see,

In order for Satan to accomplish his mission (world dominationtaking souls)

First, He needs individuals to be dissociated via distractions and trauma (or the illusion of thought and time).

With the individual’s ATTENTION (SOUL) chronically apart from himself, THEN he can go in for the ABSORPTION:

Think of it like Pokemon, where you need to weaken the pokemon before being able to capture it effectively

Sneaky, huh

But this is how demons possess you – By sneaking in

The end game of the One World Order consists of overruling society with Demons and possessed/brainwashed individuals who can be electronically monitored/manipulated/controlled.

A nation full of zombies incapable of individuality and independent thought,

…Or as mentioned earlier, “A shell of our former selves.”

The “Lights” of the world (those who refuse to be plugged in and absorbed), will be targeted heavily, especially those that are left during the tribulation (Tribulation Saints)

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