Precursors Brewing: The Rise of Russia, Gog and Magog (Ezekiel 38-39)

Precursors Brewing: The Rise of Russia, Gog and Magog (Ezekiel 38-39)

GOG (KING) = The person in charge of MAGOG

MAGOG (REGION) = Communists (RUSSIA) + Muslims

The rise of Russia to become a world superpower militarily from 1950 to 1995 and beyond is a fulfillment of prophecy.

For millennia, Russia was a backward nation that seldom looked outside itself. The Bolshevik Revolution of 1917

launched this nation toward super-power status. Even though the Soviet Union itself is no more, mother Russia

is still a formidable threat to world peace
 with her outlandish investment in military hardware and her allies,

particularly among the hostile Arab Muslim nations.

(btw, speaking of AK-47s, i loved playing “golden eye” on N64 growing up, but this isn’t a video game we’re talking about)

The future of Russia is clear:
 Her lifelong hostility toward the Jews will finally lead to her undoing, for God will

destroy all her military might on the mountains of Israel. This supernatural destruction will be for the purpose of

exalting and honoring God among the nations.

Detailed Notes:

The 1st Gog/Magog War

(and possible inclusion of the wars depicted in Psalm 83, Isaiah 17)

1. “Gog” is the leader of the alliance that will invade Israel in the latter days.
(See map for geographic area of nations involved.)

2. The leader of Russia is most likely the person identified as ‘Gog’…the chief
prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal.

3. Even though many support the idea of the ruler of Turkey being the leader of
this alliance, only Russia is powerful enough to be a ‘guard’ for the other
nations involved until the time of invasion. Case in point is the recent
attempted overthrow of the government Khazekstan, a nation which is within
the Russian sphere of influence. The Russian military was sent in to prevent
a coup from taking place, preventing the installing a pro-western government
as had happened in other fomented ‘color’ revolutions.

4. In addition to the specified named groups, many other nations will be involved
in this invasion as well.

5. Other nations may join this invasion because of alliances they have with
‘Gog’, (Russia); including Syria, Gaza, Yemen, Lebanon.

6. The ostensible reason for Russia to invade will be to control Israel’s wealth
and resources.

7. Others may join forces because of their hatred for Israel. (Ps. 83)

8. The Gog/Magog invasion, the Psalm 83 War and the Isaiah 17 destruction of
 may occur simultaneously as part of the same war.

9. The Lord will bring the Gog/Magog invasion to an end by an earthquake in
Israel, flooding rain, hail and fire and brimstone; and the combatants fighting
one another. (A likely earthquake magnitude 7.5 is coming to Israel: https://

10. The Lord brings the Psalm 83 war to an end through torrents and flooding
rain. The destruction of Israel’s enemies is compared to the defeat of Sisera
during the days of the Judges. God defeated Israel’s enemies at that time
through an earthquake and tempests of flooding rain.

11. Russia and Iran are in Syria right now. The Lord will destroy Damascus, most
likely at the time of the Gog/Magog invasion. “I will set fire to the walls of
Damascus; it will consume the fortresses of Ben-hadad.”

12. The end result of these wars/invasion will be that: 1) The nations will know
that the Lord is God and; 2) Israel will know that the Lord is God and; 3) God
will pour out His Spirit on the house of Israel. (The Sealing of the 144K will
occur once the invasion is over.)

13. God will send fire on Magog (Russia) and the coastlands (of the
Mediterranean, possibly Lebanon, Gaza, Syria). Russia will cease to be a
super-power at this time, making way for the rise of Islam (10 kings) and the
kings of the East (China and her allies).

14. It is highly likely that this invasion will be the fulfillment of the Sign of the
Dragon in Revelation 12—the ‘travail’ of the Woman/Israel and the ‘birth of
the child and subsequent rapture of believers. The focus of the war/travail will
be on Israel, and no other nation. She will be attacked on every side, with no
help and only God will be able to save her.

15. It is at the culmination of this invasion that the ‘child’ is ‘born’—that is, first
born believers are identified, remain on the earth for 7 days and then are
‘caught up’ on the 8th day—the day of presentation to God. (Details on
another video.)

16. The giving of the Spirit is connected with the end of the war/invasion. During
the 7 days the ‘child’ (identified believers) remain on earth, they—as
assistants to Christ—will seal new believers in the Holy Spirit. The new
believers will acknowledge God’s role in rescuing Israel and be saved and
sealed. Also during the 7 days after God has defeated Gog, Satan’s focus will
be on the ‘child’ and intense spiritual warfare will ensue between Satan, his
1/3 forces of angels now on earth and believers who will be on earth until
they are caught up to God on the 8th day.

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