Revelation: The Beast System will incorporate Mind-Reading Technology

Revelation: The Beast System will incorporate Mind-Reading Technology

This probably won’t fully roll out in 2022… Possibly some years down the line.

But during the tribulation/antichrist period,

I believe the mind-control (+mind-reading) technology that’s being tested / used today (V2K/RNM/EMF etc) will be more widely used / or implemented into the metaverse system.

Again, when we look into the book of Revelation, God, having looked wayyy into the future, left some clues (“play on words”) for us;

We see the Greek words for “meta” such as

hereafter,” “along with,” etc etcall over Revelation(1:1917:1218:3)

“Meta” means changing/transcending; in the metaverse one will be able to transcend above this world by interacting in a digital world.

I also believe via Rev 13 the “leopard spots” may point toward NFTs(+QR codes), which could play into the “Mark of the Beast,” for buying/selling things.

And sadly, during this time,

Instead of worshipping the true almighty God,

People during this time will be worshipping idols (Rev 9:20) in the form of Avatars (or graphic representations), with Satan creating a world where one can be whoever they want.

If you thought a bunch of strangers watching u on social media wasn’t creepy enough,

This will take creepiness (and evil) to the next level.

As a dream when one awaketh; so, O Lord, when thou awakest, thou shalt despise their image. Psalm 73:10

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