The Rapture is for the Church, The Tribulation is for the Jews

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The Jewish prophetic clock took a PAUSE (with 7 years left on the clock), since they REJECTED JESUS AS MESSIAH

Because of this, God’s attention turned to the Church or Christians that believe in Jesus (Hence Church Age. See Book of Acts).

Once the church is raptured (Rev 4-5), God’s attention will return back to the Jews, and the prophetic clock (the final 7 years) will resume back to where it left off, the tribulation (Rev 6-19).

During this time, Jews will be heavily persecuted by the Anti-Christ, but this will allow them to redeem themselves by finally accepting Jesus as Messiah. Non-believers will also have one last chance, although during the tribulation this will be the darkest time on earth.

In other words,

[///]–The RAPTURE is for the CHURCH!!!
–The TRIBULATION is for the JEWS!!! (and non-believers left behind)

And at the END of the 7-year tribulation, Jesus will finally return (2nd Coming).

So again,

Jesus’ 2nd coming WAS NOT predicted to be fulfilled 2000 years ago, since the Jews still REJECTED Jesus at the time (also note: Israel became a nation, the REBIRTH, in 1948).

As you can see, this is why EVERYONE HATES ISRAEL and the JEWS (H I T L E R, Stalin, etc)…

Satan wants to use other nations to DESTROY Israel so prophecy is not fulfilled.

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