End Time Secrets Contained in the Story of Hanukkah

End Time Secrets Contained in the Story of Hanukkah

If you look at the world around us, we can all sense that something is clearly wrong.

Depending on who you ask, you’ll get all sorts of answers.

People of faith (Christians, Jews, etc) will tell you we’re clearly at the end times.

If we study scripture (Bible) and History, we can clearly see that God’s plan for the world happens in repeating cycles;

–A nation is sovereign and faithful towards God
–A nation begins to depart from God
–Evil slowly takes over and changes the natural order of things
–The nation is destroyed
–The nation repents and finally
–The nation is restored, sovereign and faithful towards God

Although the story of Hanukkah is primarily a Jewish holiday, learning its story, origin and history offers a big picture understanding of what’s taking place in the world (2022)

But first, here are some fun facts about Hanukkah:

–Hanukkah is first prophesized in the Old testament by the prophet Daniel
–Hanukkah is celebrated in the New testament by Jesus (Feast of Dedication) in the book of John
–Hanukkah is mentioned by John in the New Testament as an end-time revelation in the book of Revelation
–Without Hanukkah, Christians wouldn’t be celebrating Christmas, because Hanukkah restored the faith of the Jews.


We are between the Old and New Testament (~167 BC according to Maccabees as a historical reference)

Israel has been restored, and they have a Temple built up.

However, over the horizon, a new civilization rises…

They are the GREEKS

Now these Greeks want to make EVERYONE the SAME (a ONE-WORLD system, sound familiar???)

The Greeks want Israel to give up their faith.

A ruler from Greece arises; a man named Antiochus IV (his name even sounds like Anti-Christ lol).

Antiochus and the Greeks tells Israel, they must:

–Give up worshipping their God
–Worship the image of Greek gods (Zeus, the face of Antiochus on Zeus’ statue)
–Desecrate the Jews’ Holy temple with the blood of a pig (considered a filthy animal). This was to make their Holy Temple desolate (Abomination of Desolation)

[///]31 And arms shall stand on his part, and they shall pollute the sanctuary of strength, and shall take away the daily sacrifice, and they shall place the abomination that maketh desolate. Daniel 11:31 [///]

[///]11 And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days. Daniel 12:11 [///]


The Jewish temple becomes a pagan temple; inside, sexual immorality is taking place, people are running around naked, holy scriptures are being burned, what was considered sacred is now considered an abomination, etc etc.

Many Jews, being persecuted at this time, gave into the demands on the Greeks. They simply said,

“Eh… I guess this is simply just the times we’re living in. We’ll just go along with it.”

There was, however, a group of rebel Jewish warriors, hidden in the hills and mountains, called the “Maccabees” that acted as the “resistance” to all this.

They didn’t want to fall away and remained loyal to God.

They were a minority in a society that was overtaken by the Greeks that wanted a ONE-WORLD system.

And although they were few in number, they remained faithful, fasting and praying.

Overtime, they overthrew the powerful Greek empire and Antiochus.

Israel and the Jews therefore rebuilt the temple, the re-dedication of the Holy temple. And we finally get:


So what does all this have to do with end-times in current society in AMERICA 2022?

Well, as I’ve mentioned, history repeats itself in cycles.

When we examine this biblical history, and the defilement of the Holy Temple, we clearly see parallels:

–Apostasy, or the great falling away
–Abortion, redefinition of marriage, redefinition of man/woman/child/etc
–“Properity gospel” “I want to be comfortable” doctrines taking over churches
–America once knew God, but now they are acting like they never knew God (Demonic Anti-Christ spirit)
–A reversal of culture, a reversal of everything that was once unnatural is now considered natural.

What was once reveredis now pushed into the shadows,

What was once in the shadows is now revered,

What was once considered Holy is now profane,

What was once considered sinful is now celebrated,

[///]A Spirit of Arrogance, Pride, and Blasphemy has taken over America 2022.[///]

The Word of God will be considered the enemy,

Persecutions against Jews and Christians will increase,

In other words,

The same part of the cycle in God’s plan is unfolding before our very eyes.

But there’s nothing to worry about.

Like the Maccabees,

God’s side is the winning-side.

Light always prevails over darkness.

(Source: The Bible, Maccabees)

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