Meta-World Nightmare

It was near the final stages of end times, I’d say ~tribulation, it was one of the darkest periods of society

A kind of meta-verse type technology was being implemented in the world and highly abused by those in power.

This technology seemed as though it was made to persecute people.

One of the ways they could torture (and humiliate) people was through broadcasting your thoughts, projecting it onto huge jumbo-sized screens (like those in New York City and Chicago) for the world to see.

You know when they say, “don’t think of a pink elephant” and you can’t help but think of a pink elephant? That’s exactly what they were doing to people. Imagine that for example happening with “Don’t say the N word” with black people or something similar in nature. (A kind of stupid example but you get the point).

You could be in your room, thinking of things one second, then you suddenly “heard the crowd” echoing in unison over the horizon, exploding into laughter, approval or disapproval the following second; their response depended on what you were thinking about.

And that was one thing that caused major confusion and division:

“Were these thoughts *actually* my own, or were they being forced onto me, by perhaps some unknown entity?”

This evil team could also respond in real-time to the thoughts you were imagining in your minds-eye.

Mark Zuckerberg (or someone disguised as him), for example, kept popping up in my mind’s eye, responding to my thoughts *the split second* I thought of them.

Nobody could escape this system, and the level + severity of your punishment depended on what you were thinking about.

One of the creepiest nightmares I’ve ever had.

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