Puppet Show Manipulation

Many of us are running on autopilot.

Instead of stopping to use critical thinking, we instead accept the information that fit certain ideologies and narratives.

Now this is perfectly fine in a society where the government is free from corruption.

But what happens when it is not?

The world and our perception of it, you can basically look at it as if it’s a puppet-show:

–Certain things may be zoomed in, while other things may be zoomed out
–The lights may be casted on particular parts, while darkened on other parts
–A certain narrative may be played out to tell a story. Characters, plots, and sub-plots are made consistent to fit that narrative.

This is not necessarily soley the individuals fault, but again, a part of it has to do with what narrative those in power want to run to benefit themselves.

If I am told,
“There is nothing you can do about your situation, this is for LIFE, ACCEPT YOUR FATE,”

And I (blindly) accept this; I would process and filter that information and live that information out.

These beliefs (lies) would be processed in my thoughts, words, and actions.

I would hang my head low, and begin to doubt myself,

“Perhaps I am in the wrong, perhaps I deserve this isolation and harassment every day,”

And over-time, slowly, I would continue walking down the wrong path. Like putting on blind-folds and accepting this path (lie).

What a crime this would be.

This is why we need to spend time in the Word of God.

By spending time in the Word, we clear the fog. We take away the blinders painting our perception.

This helps us discern what is true, and what is not.

Once you have that set, practicing affirming in your minds this truth to fight the false programming society tries to ensnare you with.

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