The Great Deception is a Game of Inches

Woe onto them who calls evil good and good evil. Who calls light darkness and darkness light.

The falling away from the spirit of faith, and into the spirit of fear,

Is not a game of miles,

But a game of inches.

Day by day, they will take a little away from you, it won’t be a dramatic thing that happens overnight.

It’ll be a subtle falling away, a subtle compromise of faith.

People will not stick with their original convictions,

But slowly depart from the spirit of faith, and into the spirit of fear.

This is how idolatry works.

When our minds are taken away from God, and into false idols.

Christians right now, are especially concerned with saving themselves, the preservation of their own lives.

People don’t believe God can protect them anymore because they’ve fallen for these false signs and lying wonders.

The solution is to pray.


Source: Dr. Kynan Bridges

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