Aliens are Demons: A Christian Perspective Part II

Alright so unless you’ve been living under a rock, there has been a rise in the news of “UFO sightings” over the years, and particularly this year, and I’ve mentioned in Part I.

We often roll our eyes because we imagine cartoony alien beings like E.T and crazy conspiracy theorists wearing tin-foil hats.

Well I want to reason, as a Bible-believing Christian, that these reportings may not be entirely unreasonable.


Aliens & UFO sightings

I think first of all we have to define what an alien & UFO is.

I’d define an Alien as a “Foreign Invader” outside the human realm, that come from outside the earth.

I’d define a UFO as any “Unidentified flying object,” doesn’t necessarily have to be a dish.

If we look in the Bible, there are numerous examples in scripture where Aliens and UFOs were mentioned.

Ezekiel 1– Mentions Ezekiel’s encounter with winged-creatures, who flew in the heavens (Alien) Also mentions wheels, or circular rings (UFO)

Zechariah 5– Also mentions circular objects that fly

Rev. 12, 13– Mentions these creatures coming out of sea and then flying above.

Rev. 9– Mentions male creatures with long hair like a woman, dressed up with a breastplate iron (possibly tech suit), sounding like chariots of horses (UFO hovering sound)

In other words, you can view Aliens/UFOs as a type of Devil/Demon

The point is, whenever we hear about these things increasing in the news, it should come to no surprise; they’ve been mentioned in the past and will increase near end times.

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