A nation must align with God or be destroyed in the end

Growing up as a Korean-American Christian here has been confusing:

Korean; humility, perfection
American; strength, independence
Christian; not conforming to patterns of world

Grew up being taught to have freedom of expression. That communism was evil

Experience has taught me otherwise.

And it’s like, what values should an individual live out then? Make up your mind.

If we’re going to be a communist nation; why not just tell people that instead of covertly punishing individuals via KKK tactics because they weren’t following some “unspoken rules”

No wonder our nation has been falling apart – we’ve been trying to please people instead of God, abandoning the founding principles that makes a strong nation.

We’re confused as a nation because we’re trying to please everyone, instead of being loyal to God.

Following God provides a standard of morality. A firm foundation for a nation to stand on.

Instead of being loyal to God, we’ve grown lukewarm and further and further apart. We’re worshipping false idols; today in the form of narcisism, which doesn’t work – too many conflicting values.

We’ve instead remained loyal to government, which is fine, but what happens when the government itself moves away from God and becomes corrupt?

People will not be able to speak out against evil, since that would be considered “politically incorrect.” Over time, greater and greater levels of evil will be normalized and tolerated.

In the end,

History always repeats itself in cycles; look at what happens when nations fall apart from God; they eventually get destroyed, no exceptions.

And this is exactly what is happening now.

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