Levels of Discernment

We’re in a time where we have to be really discerning about the information/opinions we’re constantly bombarded with.

First and foremost, we need to ask the Lord how to process all of this information, because some pieces of information will be:

–omitted or not even talked about
–blasted at you 24/7

There are levels of discernment:

First layer; taking information at face value and believing whatever you see/hear/read about. Gossip and mainstream media, for example, necessitates that people operate mainly in this layer.

Second layer; being aware that there’s some depth in the information being presented, realizing that certain pieces of information are emphasized while others are ignored

Third layer; this is looking beyond information. it’s asking if the information is factual or made-up. it’s asking whether a story was fabricated to drive certain narratives.

Most people’s awareness is operating in the first and maybe sometimes the second layers, therefore we ought to ask God to help us in operating in the third layer.

And most importantly,

We should be focusing on Jesus and his truth and not get so bogged down in government, conspiracy, etc. Keep your priorities and focus in check.

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