Thanksgiving Raid

Okay, maybe “raid” is an exaggeration, but it was definitely uninvited. (Previous “attempt” was at my local Planet fitness a month prior)

It started off with me walking to my room, and I noticed my aunt was in the kitchen, talking to my mom. They appeared to be talking as if they were concerned.

“Typical”, I thought.

I went into my room to chill and then suddenly I heard some stranger’s voice talking to my dad, “Is he here?”

It was the Washtenaw County Crisis Team, who I encountered over the summer briefly. They were looking for me again,

“To talk.”

This was hilarious because earlier today my dad asked me if I wanted to go to grandma’s apartment for Thankgiving but I refused. Now suddenly him and the crisis team are after me, what a joke.

Anyway, they tried to speak to me, but I refused. They were persistent, but I kept telling them to go away.

I even blocked my door because I was tired of the BS. Tired of Nazi zombies trying to institutionalize me for nothing. I don’t need to explain anything. My self-esteem is a 11/10. I don’t need a bunch of clowns pretending like I have issues. I don’t.

They tried to bait me with their usual lines,

“Your aunt is a little concerned with you” (I noticed this was the same line they used from the summer with Pastor Andy). In my mind I’m thinking, if they were truly concerned, they would talk/text me first, not send the crisis team after me on Thanksgiving out of nowhere.

After denying to talk, they agreed saying “okay” and walked away, but then they kept coming back again and again for round 2 and 3. (This is why you don’t take anything they say seriously, it’s all manipulation).

And again, I told them sternly that I didn’t want to talk to them.

Underneath the walls I could hear them chattering amongst themselves, as if they were “concerned,” trying to frame the situation as if I was crazy; this was standard procedure.

It’ll be okay.

10000000 people vs me, it doesn’t matter.

They’re not going to force this on me. I will win this. With God’s help.

Afterward, I went outside and shot around on my basketball hoop.

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