Ultrasonic Surfing Attacks

In a past post, I briefly mentioned Ultrasonic surfing attacks.

Funnily enough, it happened again today (11/23/21) at the Starbucks off Washtenaw. (Its also happened at Red Robin off Carpenter).

I entered and sat down, facing towards the entrance doors.  My left side was exposed to the glass window where you can see the parking lot.

While I tried to study:
–Guy on phone was talking loud too, definitely not a conversational voice, but a projected voice you’d use to communicate with someone far away
–Several cars parked to my left side, beamed their car head-lights at me
–Individuals would enter / leave the building multiple times, and purposely drag tables and chairs around in a distracting, loud way.

These were standard procedures I’ve analyzed and broken down in my other blog.

Now, the ultrasonic surfing thing;

I heard Siri / Google voice making sounds on its own on my phone; as they talk about in the article, this usually happens when my devices are “hacked”:


Next, I looked at my blue gatorade bottle on the table and noticed the rippling vibrations. The entire table was vibrating. My chair was also vibrating. It was pretty much like the scene from Jurassic Park:

Then I noticed my body, particularly my arms and chest, were also vibrating. My heart rate picked up, and started to beat more rapidly.

I believe this may be connected with the 5G articles I’ve posted here and here

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